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IS4S - Integrated Solutions for Systems, Inc

Creating Innovative and Cost Effective Engineering and Management Solutions.
Thursday, 05 May 2016
IS4S was founded by experienced engineers and managers who realize the need to ensure that our government, military, and commercial customers have an alternative to the defense contractor “status quo”. The IS4S approach to systems development and unique customer solutions is based on a time proven premise: “Giving the customer the best value solution is always the right answer”. We believe that there is no better way to build our business than to build our customer’s business with high value, technically innovative solutions and services.

Mission Statement

To provide talented employees a rewarding career solving important, technical problems in an environment where doing "the right thing” is more important than profit.

At IS4S we believe that:

  • Our first responsibility is to our customer
  • Our customer’s success is our success.
  • Ethics take priority over Profit.
  • Team work and communications are the keys to success
  • Every aspect of a program must be balanced and integrated into the whole project
  • Process, innovation, and cost must be balanced
  • Employees are the company's most valuable resource
  • Employees should benefit if the company does well.
  • Those that contribute to success must be rewarded appropriately