Integrated Solutions for Systems, Inc.

Blast/Shock Analysis

IS4S has extensive experience in the simulation, experiment, and diagnostic analysis of munition detonation, blast, fragment, and shockwave propagation.  We have developed and integrated numerous software packages designed to effectively assess weapon effectiveness, characterize collective/collaborative weapon effects of multiple ordnance packages, and identify potential target vulnerabilities. IS4S personnel are highly experienced in first-principles computational analyses of detonations and subsequent shock propagation. IS4S has performed analyses of multiple weapon prototype detonations using CTH, which is capable of accurately simulating multiple materials, large deformations, and strong shock waves.


IS4S also develops and maintains a set of engineering level tools for the purpose of analyzing the effects of blast and fragmentation – these include BlastX, Winblast, and JBAM. The BlastX and Winblast computational tools are used to assess the effects of blasts and fragmentation on buildings from both internal and external detonations. Subsets of these stand-alone tools are integrated into the mission analysis platform, MEVA (Mission Effectiveness and Vulnerability Assessment), that the DoD uses for mission planning. The JBAM (Joint Blast Analysis Methodology) software is designed to simulate munition effects on mobile targets. These models allow us to predict pressure, impulse, and time of shock arrival as a function of munition and target geometry, explosive type, materials, and other variables. 

This modeling and simulation works in conjunction with empirical testing, subscale and full scale, which is carried out to characterize weapon performance both individually and in collaboration with other weapons.  Subscale air blast testing consists of tests performed in government-provided subscale structures and in outdoor arena tests. We utilize high speed imagery in conjunction with local pressure gauges and other diagnostic tools to study air blast propagation.  These tests allow for both the comparison with full-scale test results and continuous integration into and validation of our models. 

IS4S also conducts full scale fabrication and testing of prototype munitions at government facilities. Full scale tests are necessary to determine fragmentation patterns, blast energies, collateral damage attributes, and shock propagation characteristics of a variety of prototype munitions and targets. 

JBAM lethal volume analysis characterizes blast damage to mobile targets

JBAM lethal volume analysis characterizes blast damage to mobile targets