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News Archive 2010

IS4S Awarded Phase I SBIR to Augment GPS with WiFi Positioning 
Auburn, AL

AFRL awarded IS4S a Phase I SBIR to study and develop an architecture to augment GPS with WiFi positioning. It is quite common for a group of GPS users to operate in close proximity and in a denied or degraded GPS environment as typical in urban canyon and heavily forested environments. Using the traditional GPS receiver approach, individual or all users may be denied the ability to navigate in such an environment, even though each user may be intermittently receiving useful satellite signal information. Collectively, the network of GPS users may be able to receive sufficient satellite signals, augmented by intra-networked ranging measurements consisting of GPS and Wi-Fi signals integrated in a vector tracking loop scheme in order to form an integrated position determination. This Phase I study will to explore the potential benefits, driving issues, pitfalls, and integration challenges of Wi-Fi augmentation of GPS considering accuracy, security, and integrity in a meshed network of GPS receivers and Wi-Fi APs.