Integrated Solutions for Systems, Inc.

News Archive 2015

IS4S Awarded Phase I SBIR to Develop Communications Hub 
Auburn, AL

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) awarded IS4S a Phase I SBIR contract to develop the Next Generation First Responder Communication Hub. As technology advances, First Responders are presented with a growing suite of increasingly sophisticated sensors and communication tools that provide vital, up-to-the-minute situational awareness information about their surroundings, location and status of nearby First Responders, and personal well-being. Additionally, an array of communication systems and devices is presented to the First Responder. IS4S will develop an intelligent communications interface that interconnects the variety of sensors and electronics worn or carried by a First Responder with multiple communication systems. This is a central device that efficiently, securely, and resiliently routes incoming and outgoing information to the chosen destination using the best available communication medium. The communications hub will improve efficiency and effectiveness of information transmission while removing the burden of constantly communicating low-level but critical data, thus allowing First Responders to focus on the task at hand. IS4S is working with Gwinnett County Fire Department to get user input into the design process and feedback from testing.

IS4S Awarded Contract to Deliver Flightworthy Turboalternator Electronics
Huntsville, AL

Integrated Solutions for Systems (IS4S) announced today that it has received purchase orders from Azmark Aero Systems, LLC to provide flightworthy electronics, including electronic control unit (ECU) and ignition module, to support Azmark's flightworthy 5 kW turboalternator system being sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). IS4S will upgrade their existing turboalternator ECU for airborne use. The IS4S ECU performs auto-startup/shutdown and speed governing of a high-speed turboalternator (aka turbogenerator) system including over-speed and over-temperature protections. An optional alternator drive/generator module can be used to start the machine and condition output power.

IDS Wins USDA Contract to Upgrade the IDS Portable Vehicle Wash Tunnel

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) awarded a contract to Integrated Solutions For Systems (IS4S), the parent company of Integrated Decon Solutions (IDS - ). Under the new contract, IDS will upgrade the Portable Vehicle Wash Tunnel System recently demonstrated in Alabama and Wisconsin. The Wash Tunnel system is the flagship product of the IDS decontamination product lineup. It is portable and fully automated, can be deployed in 4 hours by 4 people, and can be operated by a single person. System enhancements under this contract will include sensors, robotics and an updated software control system. When complete, the overall decontamination performance will be significantly improved through increased pressures and flow rates, a more accurate three channel injection system, a self-inflating air beam shelter, and a vehicle information archiving capability.

IS4S Wins AFRL Phase II SBIR Extension
Huntsville, AL

Integrated Solutions for Systems (IS4S) announced today that it has received a contract extension for its Air Force SBIR Phase II contract entitled "Parallel Operation of Compact, Efficient Turbogenerators for Robust Tactical Energy Independence". The contract extension for additional R&D effort totals $250,000 over a one year period. The goal of the Phase II extension is to develop and explore the use of active rectification technology in paralleling the output of compact, high-speed turbogenerators