Integrated Solutions for Systems, Inc.

News Archive 2017

IS4S Awarded Phase I SBIR for Land Navigation Using a Cell Phone
Auburn, AL

PEO C3T awarded IS4S a Phase I SBIR contract to implement land navigation techniques on a cellular phone. IS4S will perform feasibility studies and conduct performance analyses on automated path tracking (step counting or dead reckoning) and sight reduction methods (using terrain and celestial observations) that will enable a warfighter to determine position when GPS is not available. The feasibility study results will determine what and how traditional land navigation techniques can be implemented on a cellular phone. A software architecture will define the Phase II integration into a commercial Android OS and Nett Warrior.

​​IS4S Awarded Phase II SBIR Follow-On for Convoy Driver Assistance Systems

Auburn, AL

Yuma Proving Grounds announced an intent to award IS4S with a follow-on Phase II SBIR contract to enhance the Convoy Driver Assistance Systems. IS4S has developed, tested, and delivered a novel, self-contained GPS-based hardware unit that reliably displays the relative position between vehicles in a convoy with centimeter level accuracy. The hardware units can be used as a valuable safety tool when executing convoy and following operations in low-visibility conditions. They also provide a means for operators to maintain precise formations during tests. IS4S will expand upon this hardware platform to provide a new navigation algorithm to perform in GPS challenged environments, enabling testing when signals are present that interfere with the GPS signal. IS4S will also expand the system to provide real-time data visualization, more extensive data logging, route planning, and an improved visual interface.

IS4S Awarded Phase I SBIR for a Cruise Control Enhancement
Auburn, AL

TARDEC awarded IS4S a Phase I SBIR to produce a Cruise Control Enhancement (CCE) for Tactical Wheeled Vehicles or commercial heavy trucks. This CCE will improve fuel efficiency of either single vehicles within a convoy, or the convoy as a whole by between 3 to 5%. The CCE parameters will be tunable to adapt to a variety of vehicle types and tactical environments. This technology has applications on commercial trucks in addition to Army Tactical Wheeled Vehicles. The CCE algorithms are applicable in commercial or DoD scenarios. In addition, this technology works equally well on human operated vehicles or various levels of autonomous ground vehicles.

​​​​​IS4S Awarded $35M DOTC Initiative
Niceville, FL

Integrated Solutions for Systems (IS4S) announced today that it has received a $35M DoD Ordnance Technology Consortium (DOTC) award to develop advanced warheads. The program will develop and test several type advanced warheads for the Air Force. The program will be managed out of the new IS4S office in Nicevill, FL.