Integrated Solutions for Systems, Inc.

Update from the President

Thanks for visiting our IS4S web site. In January 2017, we started our 10th year at IS4S! I’m not sure we knew what we were getting into when we first founded IS4S. In fact, I am sure we didn’t know! However, from the beginning, we have been guided by three simple core beliefs: 

First, we believe “it always pays to do the right thing.” As an employee-owned company, we are not controlled by outside shareholders, which allows us to make decisions based on what is best for both our customers and our employees. We understand that ethics is more important than profit, and we measure our success by our customer’s success. 

Second, we believe that rapid technology advances are continually creating opportunities to integrate emerging technologies into innovative system solutions, which explains our name: Integrated Solutions for Systems. While some of our efforts involve fundamental research and development, much of our company remains focused on leveraging and integrating emerging technologies to provide our customers’ with innovative solutions. 


Third, and most important, we believe in “real” employee-ownership. Many of us have experienced the culture, excitement, and success of such high-tech, entrepreneurial companies. As such, we are proud that more than 95% of our full-time employees are “owners.” However, to us, ownership is not just owning the stock.  Ownership means that every employee is equally valuable, employees’ opinions and advice is always important, and that we have an obligation to continually grow the company to provide new opportunities for all our employees. Many of our best ideas, new markets, and several of our company’s polices were proposed and developed by employee-owners.

When we started the company with a single customer, we didn’t know if the company would succeed. However, as we stayed committed to our three core beliefs, we have been amazed at how much we have been blessed. Since our founding, we have had nine straight years of revenue growth averaging more than 25% each year, and we have made a profit every year! More importantly, we continue to add both talented, well-respected employee owners and quality customer’s that focus us on the very important challenges.

I am blessed to lead such a talented team of co-owners working with such quality customers. I want to personally thank all of our employees and customers for our success. I am excited to see what God has in the future for our company as we continue to “always do the right thing,” integrate new technologies into innovative system solutions, and maintain and expand our employee-ownership culture.

Thanks again for visiting our web site!

Glenn Rolader, PhD

IS4S, President and CEO